Our fashion company was established in 1991 and resides in Athens, Greece. VOIDmode as a brand name represents the evolution of our primary name (VOID) and encapsulates our history and experience in unconventional fashion design for the distinct and ingenious urban tribes.

Though we work with a specific aesthetic, we continuously strive to push conventions and produce fresh looks for each season. VOIDmode’s creative principle is the experimentation with form, volume and geometry in a manner that neither manipulates nor morphs body-shape but rather realistically embraces silhouette using drape, bias cutting, asymmetry, and jersey.

Our design is both as much functional as it’s visionary. Once in a while we like subtly flirting with the androgynous notion and conveying hints of emotion and emphasis on sensuality as we don’t see gender, sexuality, and thus, clothing, under the prevailing stereo norms.

Much of our influence and so drawn inspiration is derived from the gothic, punk as well as Japanese realm. With an obvious monochromatic orientation, black, white and shades of grey are a prevailing and solid feature of VOIDmode collections. Mild color-tone selections, patterns, and prints moderately enrich our line as well.